About Us

GVB_FY0P7752 – your ultimate online shop for limited edition furs that will melt your heart…

As a true fashionista, following the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle, I started to create my own label, offering fur pieces in very limited quantities and at highly competitive prices.

After falling in love with a fur coat in the south of France a few years ago, which significantly exceeded my shopping budget, I started looking the entire world for a coat like that one…but I never found it. In order to heal my broken fashionista-heart, I envisioned creating my own label, offering high quality fur coats in very limited quantities at good prices, pleasuring woman throughout the world and fill a lot of hearts with pure joy and happiness…

My first collection consists of a selection of fur coats, designed and made with the highest care and passion. All pieces are conceptually designed in Antwerp.

More collections, consisting of other types of life-style items and concepts are planned, so follow us to stay informed…

I hope you find what you are looking for and you enjoy shopping with!

With Love,

The Melloow Team